How to use the QR code. Hi, I just bought some toner and some reset chips for the I have a huge print job this weekend and I started getting the “replace the drum” message. By the way the drums claim some 45, copies, but I do not believe this is true, I think it is actually drum revolutions and drum turns 4 times for each color print. Is there any way to reset the memory card. The machine are not running.

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Konica Questions answered here

There is also a high powered laser. I don’t know anything about Fuser problems and if this could be konica bizhub c353 issue here. I hope this helps you. I now think that pressing some aluminium foil in the gap between the metal plates would have also done the job. I had two of these printers and traded parts back and forth until defective item was discovered. I hesitate to open them if I can determine their status konica bizhub c353 serial numbers, etc.

We have a Magicolor in our office.

This could be anything konica bizhub c353 I cannot answer that. Oh yes and the other strange thing is, if the standard toners are in the and i print a config page, it shows then as being hi cap ie, pages!! Not a bad service manual as they go.

Sometimes konica bizhub c353 also fails to pick paper when konida a small amount of paper in tray too, even though the tray is lifted.

I did fix one by using a long thin screwdriver and konica bizhub c353 the jammed toner cartridge back into the housing – but I was luck and did not damage anything. Buy the part off minolta if you konica bizhub c353, if not buy it off seacroft, the konica bizhub c353 difference is just people making money. Hello again, I went ahead and purchased a new Black cartridge from Minolta to replace the one I recently filled and the printer is working normally again.

I have a which prints about 2 pages then stops and the message reads media jam transfer roller. Lots of folks seem to have the problem with the media jam transfer roller error but I cannot find anywhere that anyone answered if there is a fix. Thank you all for your input! I was getting a fatal error 17H on my magicolor W and it made a grinding sound on startup.

Hope you konica bizhub c353 help me with my KM w. The ITB is a pretty critical component to image formation, so you may want to invest in having an authorized technician to do the repairs. Removing these two plastic tabs with a dremel cutting tool was sufficient to clear the fatal error and now the printer works fine.

Also, I only have the guide in hardcopy, for some unknown and stupid reason, but Konica bizhub c353 am happy to fax it to you for free, but it is 34 pages, so make sure you have plenty of paper avail. I have exactly the same problem and I cannot imagine no one has ever found a solution. I have got a magicolour the online light is on,data konica bizhub c353 is on and the message light is on.

I live in a remote area and have konica bizhub c353 do most things myself. Both these shells snap into place. I suspect a jammed sensor somewhere but cannot seem to locate where that might be.

KM says the cleaning blade or solenoid on the roller needs replacement or repair.

These levers are in the up position konica bizhub c353 new printers usually when shipped. The image transfer belt unit need to be replaced. If this stuff is dirty with toner you don’t get a “beam detect”.

Konica Questions answered here | FixYourOwnPrinter

konica bizhub c353 I have a Konica Minolta w which incorrectly states that I have a paper jam. Once in a while it clunks and sounds bad printing the first page and spits out a wrinkled page or a page with konicq in it. I honestly think it’s yet another irritating quirk of the magicolours! What do you suggest? Is there a way of accessing this area or another solution? Konica bizhub c353 pick off is toward the left side of the printer. Keep getting error of jam in tray one.

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The new bizhub bring new possibilities to business. And since it has happened to both machines then I thought kohica may be a common problem that someone might have experienced.

We clean the small sensor chip bottom right, looks like a small circuit board konica bizhub c353 any other bits which look dirty and the printer konica bizhub c353 to respond after a restart. Remove one screw, and remove that cover. Why you ask do I do this, well it’s good cardio of course. Even the test page from the rom comes out the konica bizhub c353. Remove the drum, and underneath it is the laser – all you can see is a tranparent window in the middle which is about half the width.