For testing hardware components, I use Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” with all setting set to maximum quality. In Far Cry earned the “Best Game of the Year” award because of its awesome graphics and gameplay. At that time, the board came with a premium price. Using the BIOS that shipped with the board, we got less than spectacular results, forcing us to go with a popular Beta. How high could we get the FSB and is the board worth it?

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The NB chipset uses a very basic aluminum heatsink.

DFI Infinity X/G | 01

One thing the new Core 2 Duo processors have shown during their short existence is incredible overclocking potential.

In Far Cry earned the “Best Game of the Year” award because of its awesome graphics and gameplay. When overclocking this motherboard, I first dfi infinity 975x my homework.

Adding a strap would undoubtedly allow this board to scale much higher than the current strap. Log in Don’t have an account? In fact, with some additional BIOS tuning we infinit certain this board has the ability to hold a performance lead in most of the stock setting results.

On the other note, we will try to have dfi infinity 975x tutorial accesses such as FAQ and forum, dfi infinity 975x help the users who are new to the enthusiast playground.

However, knowing DFI’s ability to extract jnfinity out of chipsets in just about any price range we expected some great things with this board. While we aren’t trying to break any overclocking records, my goal during my overclocking testing was to first infinitg the best all around overclock I could achieve with ifinity DFI Infinity X motherboard, not just the highest FSB, but a combination of FSB and memory speeds.

Dfi infinity 975x like to thank Jacky for setting aside a little time from his busy schedule dfi infinity 975x answer our questions. On top of that, for enthusiast boards especially, more and more high performance parts are being used for extreme results, such as heat pipe and better caps Coupled with some fairly modest voltage sttings, my goal is simply to show you what you should typically expect from this board.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been looking at this board to find out if DFI has dfi infinity 975x an irresistible and perhaps cost effective enthusiast solution for Ddi 2. However, this was not entirely stable and after some pressing, it failed and we had to start back at scratch. R is sure to push any hardware to the limits.

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Though problem solving is where the fun is coming from, we will still try to provide more guidance and short dfi infinity 975x. At that time, the board came with a premium price. We could not exceed a FSB at a 1: This site uses cookies. While we’ll continue to include dfi infinity 975x specific benchmarks, as well as benchmarks typically used by users of all experience levels, we are going to focus on benchmarks that feature applications used by average people, every day.

DFI boards are really known for their extreme dfi infinity 975x performance, as well as the most complex BIOS’ anyone could dream up. While I am not satisfied with where we got, I am content.

Anything over FSB failed stress testing after minutes. Also,do you feel that it will negatively affect consumers choices and board performance?

If your looking for a strong stock motherboard than this is for you and the price is right. Let’s just hope that DFI can lower the price and raise the FSB overclocking abilities as they do have a winner on their hands if they accomplish this task.

While other prominent companies are using heat pipe technology dfi infinity 975x cool the chipsets, DFI chose as basic a cooler as possible. Many dfi infinity 975x complain about the pin and 8-pin power connector placement.

DFI Infinity X/G – Techgage

Auto, 9 Options NB Voltage: This would alllow for further manipulation of the CPU and memory performance, without pushing the NB chipset past its optimal operating range.

We’ve changed our benchmarking suite at HL, which we’ll cover more in an article next week. In short, our effort as a motherboard maker is to make a platform compatible and work great with as many components as possible. Next, we dropped the memory divider to 1: As to us, we will try to do a little more than just let your PC work DFI Infinity X motherboard. Some users have had success with taking this board over FSB with a 4: Ifinity BIOS options are not as extensive as the Infinnity series, but they certainly provide more than enough choices for dfi infinity 975x performance or enthusiast users.

CINEBENCH includes render tasks that test the performance of up to 16 dfi infinity 975x on the same computer dfi infinity 975x well as software-only shading tests and OpenGL shading tests on huge numbers of animated polygons that will push any computer to its limits.

Conroe Buying Guide: Feeding the Monster

Adding a strap would probably alleviate a lot of the high end overclocking issues that users are reporting, but as of post time for this article, there had been no mention as to plans to release an update addressing this issue. The company’s Infinity series is the budget-orientated line of dfi infinity 975x that are lighter on features to be honest, anything is compared to the LANParty series mobosbut still dfi infinity 975x that passionate DFI engineering at the heart.

Considering it’s a DFI, I expected nothing less than an outstanding overclocking experience, and while x7 default multiplier of CPU used is good, it’s not great. The board ships with one gigabit Ethernet ports and the 8 channel high definition audio is a plus as well.