Booklet Printing The Booklet Printing option is not available for all paper sizes. Page Macintosh printing Click Print. When you change or examine the fuse, you must re-fit the correct 13 amp fuse. Page Layout Item Description Selects the direction in which information is Orientation printed on a page. Clearing Paper Jams Clearing paper jams 4.

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Paper Source Sets the default samsung ml 451x 501x series tray to use. When a toner cartridge has reached the end of life, the machine will stop printing see “Available supplies” samsung ml 451x 501x series page The machine is immediately disconnected from the wireless network. Estimated cartridge life Estimated cartridge life the life of the toner cartridge or imaging unit yield depends on the amount of toner that print jobs require. The toner cartridge you have installed is not for your machine.

Cleaning the machine If printing quality problems occur or if you use your machine in a dusty enviroment, you need to clean your machine regularly to keep it in the best printing condition and use your machine longer. Page Wireless network setup Enter the password and click OK.

MLND | Samsung 대한민국 고객지원

Samsung ml 451x 501x series 83 Clearing paper jams 4. Printing problems Condition The machine prints, The machine cable is loose or defective. Control panel overview This control panel may differ from your sfries depending on its model. Installing The Driver Locally Installing the driver locally A locally connected machine is a machine directly attached to your computer using the cable. Appendix Specifications Regulatory information Copyright Print on samsung ml 451x 501x series sides of paper to save paper.

Troubleshooting Paper jam inside the finisher When a imaging unit has reached the end of life, the machine will stop szmsung see “Available supplies” on page Do not use labels with wrinkles, bubbles, or other indications 45×1 separation.

IPv6 configuration If the machine does not work in the network environment, activate IPv6.

MLND | Samsung 대한민국 고객지원

Dropouts If faded areas, generally rounded, occur randomly on the page: Wired network setup You must set up the network protocols on your machine to use it on your network. Select the machine to use. Serjes quality problems If the inside of the machine is dirty or paper has been loaded improperly, there might be a reduction in print quality. Printer This area gives you general information about Information your machine. Changing The Display Language Samsung ml 451x 501x series the display language To change the language that is displayed on the control panel, follow these steps: Page 12 Safety information Do not block or push objects into the ventilation 45x.

To save a Presets item, follow these steps: Page Using advanced print features Item Prints your document on both sides of a sheet of paper and arranges the pages so that saksung paper can be folded in half after printing to produce a booklet. Samsung ml 451x 501x series the problem persists, call for service. The following information will guide you samsing how to set your machine for the best print quality. After searching the wireless networks, a list of wireless networks your machine has searched appears.

Replacing The Toner Cartridge Replacing the toner cartridge Click this link to open an animation about replacing a toner cartridge. Table Of Contents Contents samsung ml 451x 501x series.

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Samsung cannot guarantee non-genuine Samsung toner cartridge’s quality. Replacing the toner cartridge Click this link to open an animation about replacing a toner cartridge.

Your machine should then samusng communicating wirelessly samsung ml 451x 501x series the network. After searching, the window shows the wireless network devices. Open Unified Driver Configurator and switch to the Printers tab in the Printers configuration window to look at the list of available machines. Setting Aeries Toner Low Alert Setting the toner low alert If the amount of toner in the cartridge is low, a message or LED informing the user to change the toner cartridge appears.

Laser safety statement The printer is certified in the U. Prints the demo page to check whether your Demo Page machine is printing properly or not.

IPv6 configuration Select the Manual Address check box. Changing the font setting Your machine has preset the font for your region or country.

Samsung ML-4510ND User Manual

You need to enter the samshng PIN within two minutesin order to link the computer which is connected to the access point or wireless router. Unix Printing, General Tab Unix printing Some features may not samsung ml 451x 501x series available depending on models or options.

Page Changing the font setting Your machine has preset the font for your region or country.

Function Mass storage device needs be installed to use some of the finisher related options in the printer driver. If this happens, you can temporarily improve print quality by redistributing the remaining toner in the cartridge.

Service or ,l required as a result of using non-genuine Samsung toner cartridges will not be covered under the machine samsung ml 451x 501x series. Page 78 Clearing paper jams Inside samsung ml 451x 501x series machine The fuser area is hot.

Connect your machine to the network with a network cable. Maintenance The order information is provided for optional accessories see “Available accessories” on page It also provides information for maintaining the toner cartridge.