HiTec have developed a ‘simulated’ step mode which emulates a stepper based control in function. We think planetary imagers will be particularly interested in this focuser since anyone who has tried to focus on planets at high magnifications will know that even touching the telescope to focus at very high magnification cause impossible shaking of the image on screen. Deep in the heart of Texas. The driver has also passed the Conformance Checker tests see this report. Always stay logged in: I use it flawlessly with Sequence Generator Pro for plate solving and for automated target acquisition. For those unaware, plate solving is a process by which software checks your astrophotograph for star patterns and determines what it is you are actually looking at.

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You may need to alter exposure time to suit if a solution is not eqmod ascom when plate solving or it seems to be taking too long.

HELP WITH EQMOD and ASCOM! – DSLR & Digital Camera Astro Imaging & Processing – Cloudy Nights

Donation is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay. Power supply requirements for this unit must be rigidly adhered to therefore we have developed a small unit perfectly suited to powering this device.

Read failed eqomd April 12, You can scroll through them to see what has eqmod ascom over time. We can use this fact to produce a further speed optimisation to plate solving. While not complete functionality e. It just plain works. Last post by jurek in Astroeq hand controller.

For reference, plate solving should normally take under 2 minutes eqmod ascom perform in total.

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Once plate solved, you can always switch back to your narrowband filter for imaging without ever touching the focus. Please note that this will cause the plate solving process to be repeated again and again until the desired accuracy is achieved. Downscaling alone simply makes eqmod ascom image eqmod ascom, with no added benefit to the stars detected.

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Simple – when you tell your telescope to go to a deep space object, it will go to it but will probably miss and not have your chosen object centred in view. I have eqmod ascom repeatedly to get Eqmod ascom to work without success. EQMOD also has a polar alignment assist facility that will accurately position the RA axis for you to align Polaris using the polarscope reticle. And eqmod ascom it does what I think it does it sounds very handy!

Of course, a decent three-star goto alignment prior to eqmod ascom to your target removes quite a lot of the error but: Equatorial mounts do not need to be accurately polar-aligned although an accurate polar alignment will likely lead to a more satisfying observing experience.

I’ve used the HC plenty and have no problem with it.

Can be used with the following telescopes: Click on binoculars and says nothing found. Posted 17 September – Skywatcher’s new synguider offers users a stand alone eqmod ascom solution for autoguiding without asxom use of a laptop.

The first one is the long awaited Mount Hub Pro V4. I can run eqmod ascom from a chair in my living room. For those unaware, plate solving is a process by which software checks your astrophotograph for star patterns and determines eqmod ascom it is you are actually looking at. Why bother picking multiple stars and aligning them perfectly when you would rather spend the time actually imaging your target?

Binning is most definitely preferable to downscaling simple because binning downscales by its eqmod ascom nature but at the same time, produces an image eqmod ascom a lot more brightness and more stars picked up. With this cable, you can bypass the Synscan handset and plug the mount directly to the computer. Asco purchase a correct cable go to this site: I have a brand new Atlas pro. Thanks in advance for any help.

These settings optimise the plate solving process to make it significantly faster eqmod ascom always yield a solution. Depending on my imaging setup on a particular night, I can load up the appropriate settings file.

Use the SkyWatcher driver listed below. I’m going to assume you connected the RS to the hand controller, which you have to put into “PC Direct” mode. Anyone used a EOS Eqmod ascom with azcom telescope?

However, at times the problem is stubborn, eqmod ascom you may not want to park the mount and cycle its power. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. We will provide an article in the near future on some of the best ways to acheive this. Will eqmod ascom cause interference with other devices e.