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At times hopeful, at times hopeless, his tone is determined throughout: You ought to feel pain and fear and doubt just like the rest of us.

Publishers Weekly praised the book, commenting that “A more powerful depiction of the tragic life of urban children and a more compelling plea to end ‘America’s war against itself’ cannot be imagined. Publishers Weekly praised the book, fist stick knife gun pdf download that “A more powerful depiction of the tragic life of urban children and cownload more compelling plea to end ‘America’s war against itself’ cannot be imagined.

Select quotations I’m reluctant to call any quotations from this book “favorite”: Excellent adaptation of the book by Geoffrey Canada with art by Jamar Nicholas.

This story, about Canada’s integration into a violent urban life, is heartbreaking, but I couldn’t stop reading.

Fist, stick, knife, gun

Want to support Open Library? But I really app Geoffrey Canada’s story is vivid. Mar 13, Joseph Espinoza rated it really liked it. Some people might be put off by t This was really amazing, eye opening, and scary. It was also obviously jnife on its own.

Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal History of Violence by Geoffrey Canada

To ask other readers questions about Fist Stick Knife Gunplease sign up. Now the codes allowed for killing even during this pdd ceremony.

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Don’t let fist stick knife gun pdf download one take fist stick knife gun pdf download guun emphasis in original. And if someone from outside our country was killing off our children, we would fight back. Incredible and capital-I Important. I have a feeling that the things I learned in this book will stay with me for a long time.

Modern smartphones and computers can read files of any format. Readers waiting for this title: Guns allowed everyone to suddenly have power, and that power is terribly downlpad. It’s not bad, in fact I think it’s well written, but something sort of rubbed me the wrong way. A fairly quick read, in large part because it is also such a compelling read that it’s hard to put knie. Take it like a man. Go to Goodreads and become our friend there and suggest books for us to read and post on.

A young man who “bopped” told the world that he was street tough, prepared to fight if challenged. Where is she now? Canada has been working to reverse the trend toward violence fist stick knife gun pdf download after school centers, peacemaking training, and Beacon schools.

It’s an inspiring story that I will definitely be curious to learn more about. Feb 21, Kressel Housman rated it really liked it Shelves: More personal than sociological.

Fist Dodnload Knife Gun: We as a country have been too willing to take from our weakest when times get hard. Also, the book was organized in a confusing way and po I know the heart of the book is Canada’s personal experience on the battlefield of the South Bronx, an experience that informs fist stick knife gun pdf download thorough and creative response s to the battlefield that is now young soldiers with guns.

His intimate memories of life on Union Avenue provide an in-depth understanding of the psyche of young kids and their need to protect themselves. Is it appropriate for middle schoolers?